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Tire Rotation in Oklahoma City

Tire Rotations at Bob Moore Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

Tires, being one of the most important parts of any vehicle, need regular care and maintenance. Paying attention to your tires’ wear can greatly affect how well your vehicle performs and how long your tires last. To give your tires the longest life possible, you will want to rotate your tires just about as often as you need an oil change which is usually around every 5,000 miles. Drivers from Oklahoma City, Moore, or Edmond can learn more about tire care and get their tires rotated when they visit our expert service department at Bob Moore Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.



What Does Tire Rotation Mean?

Tire rotation refers to periodically switching the position of your tires in specific patterns across your vehicle. How and when you rotate them depends on certain factors including your vehicle’s manufacturer, your specific tires, and whether your vehicle is all, four, front, or rear wheel drive. Tire rotations are an important part of vehicle maintenance because it prolongs the overall life of your tires, and some warranties require you get them done to keep your tires covered.

Like we mentioned above, the tire rotation pattern depends on what kind of vehicle you drive. For vehicles with front-wheel drive, it is sometimes recommended to rotate them in an X pattern, meaning they will switch to the opposite side and axle. Another common pattern for front-wheel drive is the forward cross, meaning front wheels go to the back, and the back wheels go to the front while also switching axels.

Why Are Tire Rotations Important?

One of the main reasons why tire rotations are a necessity is because it ensures that your tires wear evenly, therefor maximizing tread life. If your tires are never rotated, this leads to uneven wear due to the fact that it is common for tires in certain positions to experience more friction than others. Other factors that can cause uneven tire wear include mechanical issues, how tightly you turn in each direction, and more weight on the front or rear axles.

Tire rotations contribute to your vehicle’s handling, performance, braking, traction, but most importantly, your overall safety. Worn down tires can lead to blowouts and other tire issues that can not only be expensive to fix but can also compromise your safety out on the road. Also, when your tires are being rotated, there is no better time to inspect each tire for any damage and wear.

As you can see, tire rotations are one of the most important parts of vehicle maintenance. If you are unsure which rotation pattern your tires need, or when exactly you need to rotate your tires, it is always best to ask a professional. You can trust the highly trained Mopar service team to provide top notch service that will ensure your tires last a long time.

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