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Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fuel Efficiency

Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fuel Efficiency

On today’s roads, fuel efficiency is a top priority for drivers looking to save money on fuel costs in the future. We understand this priority at Bob Moore Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, so we are proud to offer a range of vehicles across four brands – Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram – designed to provide drivers with the efficiency they are seeking. Whether you’re looking for a powerful, capable, rugged, or luxurious vehicle, we have a fuel-efficient option to fit your style. Explore all the models we have to offer below or stop by if you’re in the Yukon, Mustang, or Oklahoma City area to see our selection in person.


As one of America’s most well-known car brands, Jeep has offered drivers adventure on and off the roads for over 75 years. Known for their impressive off-roading capabilities and overall durability, Jeeps can handle any terrain or weather in their way. As Jeep continues to pursue adventure with its latest models, innovation in fuel efficiency has seen new hybrid versions of iconic Jeep Models.

Jeep Wrangler

  • MPG: 19/17/23 mpg Combined/City/Highway
  • Gas Tank: 21.5 gallons
  • Highway Range: 365.5/494.5 miles

Jeep Grand Cherokee

  • MPG: 22/19/26 mpg Combined/City/Highway
  • Gas Tank: 23 gallons
  • Highway Range: 437/598 miles

Jeep Gladiator

  • MPG: 19/16/23 mpg Combined/City/Highway
  • Gas Tank: 22 gallons
  • Highway Range: 352/506 miles

Jeep Grand Wagoneer

  • MPG: 15/13/18 mpg Combined/City/Highway
  • Gas Tank: 26.5 gallons
  • Highway Range: 344.5/477 miles

Jeep Wagoneer

  • MPG: 18/16/22 mpg Combined/City/Highway
  • Gas Tank: 26.5 gallons
  • Highway Range: 424/583 miles

Jeep Compass

  • MPG: 22/31 mpg City/Highway
  • Gas Tank: 13.5 gallons
  • Highway Range: 427 miles

Jeep Renegade

  • MPG: 26/23/29 mpg Combined/City/Highway
  • Gas Tank: 12.7 gallons
  • Highway Range: 292.1/368.3 miles

Jeep Cherokee

  • MPG: 24/21/29 mpg Combined/City/Highway 
  • Gas Tank: 15.8 gallons
  • Highway Range: 331.8/458.2 miles


Most known for producing some of America’s most iconic muscle cars over the last 100 years, Ram continues to impress in its latest models. With raw power and sharp design, Dodge produces vehicles that make a statement. Dodge continues to innovate in 2023 by transitioning these iconic muscle cars into PHEVs, or Plug-in Electric Vehicles. Explore the latest Dodge models at Bob Moore Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today.

Dodge Challenger

  • MPG: 23/19/30 mpg Combined/City/Highway
  • Gas Tank: 18.5 gallon
  • Highway Range: 351.5/555 miles

Dodge Charger

  • MPG: 18/15/24 Combined/City/Highway
  • Gas Tank: 18.5 gallons
  • Highway Range: 277.5/444 miles

Dodge Hornet

  • MPG: 21/29 mpg City/Highway
  • Gas Tank: 13.5 gallons
  • PHEV Option – Adds 30 miles of range

Dodge Durango

  • MPG: 21/19/26 Combined/City/Highway 
  • Gas Tank: 24.6 gallons
  • Highway Range: 467.4/639.6 miles


Chrysler is a luxury car brand that’s provided drivers with an exceptional driver experience for over 90 years. Chrysler models are designed for style and comfort and cater to most drivers’ needs. Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid packs an impressive 495 miles of range, making it perfect for family road trips. Explore all Chrysler offers at Bob Moore Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, located off Northwest Expressway in Oklahoma City.

Chrysler 300

  • MPG: 23/19/30 mpg Combined/City/Highway 
  • Gas Tank: 18.5 gallon
  • Highway Range: 351.5/555 miles

Chrysler Pacifica

  • MPG: 22/19/28 Combined/City/Highway 
  • Gas Tank: 19 gallon
  • Highway Range: 361/532 miles

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

  • MPG: 30/29/30 mpg Combined/City/Highway (82 Combined MPGe)
  • Gas Tank: 16.5 gallon
  • Highway Range: 478.5/495 miles (32 miles electricity range)


RAM is the first that comes to mind when you think of premium pick-up trucks. Known for their powerful pickups, RAM creates vehicles that can do the job, big or small. Whether you’re looking for the iconic RAM 1500 or need more power in the RAM 2500 or RAM 3500, there’s a truck for every driver on RAM’s lineup.

RAM 1500

  • MPG: 20/28/23 mpg Combined/City/Highway 
  • Gas Tank: 26 gallons
  • Highway Range: 468/598 miles

RAM 3500

  • MPG: 16 mpg
  • Gas Tank: 31 gallons


RAM 2500

  • MPG: 18 mpg 
  • Gas Tank: 31 gallons

Bob Moore Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram proudly offers drivers a wide range of options across four brands – Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram – to fit any buyer’s lifestyle, budget, and needs. Our team can walk through specific models and trim levels to help you find what vehicle suits you best. Browse our new car or used vehicle inventory to see if any models catch your eye. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment for a specific vehicle, contact our team at 405-972-8510.