Oil Changes For Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Vehicles in Oklahoma City

OKC Oil Change

Keep your vehicle in prime running condition with regular Mopar oil changes at Bob Moore Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Oklahoma City. Our service department will follow manufacturer’s recommendations for oil and filter changes to ensure your Chrysler Pacifica or Dodge Journey continues to provide optimal efficiency and performance.

Why Regular CDJR Oil Changes Matter

The oil and filter in your vehicle have important jobs to do. The oil runs through the engine and other components of the system to lubricate the moving parts and reduce wear and tear. The oil also helps to move out dust and road debris that gets into the system, which can cause damage. The filter prevents other dirt from getting to the engine, extending the life of this important component. As the filter keeps out dirt and sediments, it can get clogged. The result is that it doesn’t allow the oil to move through as quickly as it should. When your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or RAM oil gets dirty, it isn’t as effective at doing its job as a lubricant therefore making the engine work harder and may be more sluggish.

When we change your oil, we’ll be using Mopar-recommended oil so that you can rest assured your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or RAM is running in top shape.

When You Don’t Get Regular Oil Changes

When you wait too long to get an oil change, you’re hurting your vehicle. You may reduce the life of the engine, requiring it or certain components to need to be replaced sooner than normal. Leaks may happen, especially around gaskets and seals because they didn’t stay lubricated. If the oil becomes thick from the sludge or dirt, it can keep the engine from running the way it should. Because the engine has to work harder, it can get overheated. You may end up with a blown gasket or other problems that require a costly repair.

How Often to Schedule Your CDJR Oil Change

As you can see, an inexpensive oil change is much preferred to a major engine repair. It’s important to add to this to your routine maintenance. However, you may wonder just how often you should have the oil and filter changed. The manufacturer sets recommendations based on the components used and the design of the vehicle. If the vehicle uses synthetic oil, you can go longer between oil changes. Mopar-recommended synthetic oil lasts longer without breaking down, so you can drive more miles before getting the oil changed. The timeline for oil changes will also depend on how much and where you drive your vehicle.

Driving around town with a lot of stops and starts will require oil changes more often than if most of your traveling is on the highway. Get your oil changed at Bob Moore Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Oklahoma City with our premier service department. Our service team provides exceptional service for all makes and models and uses genuine OEM parts. Stop by for a quick oil change and enjoy a comfortable waiting area with complimentary Wi-Fi. To accommodate your busy schedule, you can also set up an appointment online.

Let us help you keep your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or RAM vehicle at optimum performance.