Coming in 2021: The Dodge Challenger Super Stock

January 15th, 2021 by

SRT Super StockFor 2021, Dodge releases a Challenger Super-Stock that is turning heads among performance enthusiasts everywhere. The popular variation on the timeless Challenger is currently in its second year of production, with a good number of extra bells and whistles that sets it apart from any other. For the second year running, we see some notable similarities between the Challenger Super Stock and the Hellcat RedEye, and even the now discontinued powerhouse Dodge Demon. Extraordinarily high horsepower over its predecessors, and a finely tuned suspension, the Challenger super stock is ready to roll both on and off the track.

The Dodge Challenger Super Stock lands right in between the Challenger Hellcat RedEye and the Challenger Demon, but not by too big of a difference. The Challenger Super Stock possesses the same engine as the Hellcat RedEye, but in a supercharged version which increases the overall horsepower from 797 horsepower to 810 horsepower. When it comes to the Challenger Super Stock, fans of the previous Challenger Demon are rejoicing, as there is only a measly one horsepower difference between the two Challenger editions. The Challenger Super Stock also sees a redefining of its powertrain, with a new calibration that allows for a new maximum 6400 RPM redline as well as 707 max lb-ft of torque.

Ultimately the Dodge Challenger Super Stock was designed for maximum performance on a drag strip vs a road course, and for 2021 the vehicle sees fine suspension tuning specifically for its track mode. This allows for the vehicle to send as much load to the rear of the vehicle as possible. In addition to changes made for the 2021 Challenger Super Stock, there are added lightweight 18-inch wheels with the same Nitro NT05R radials that were previously used on the Demon. At a 315-section width, the tires provide a maximum grip on the roadways. The Challenger Super Stock, combined with a shorter drive ratio, improved suspension and tires, is hoping to shave a little time off of the HellCat’s 0-60 in 3.8 seconds. Even with only a tenth of a second saved, this can pay off in a big way over a quarter-mile stretch.

The Challenger Super Stock’s widebody is coming standard with the vehicle as it did in 2021. Dodge not only extends the wheel flares but loads it up on other features in addition to suspension and tires. Following in the path of the Demon, the Challenger Super Stock also adds in drag-mode stability control, performance enhancing shifting ability, delayed torque-converter lockup, and more. Unlike the Demon, however, the Challenger Super Stock has a rear row of seats and lacks the smaller front wheels equipped on the Demon.

Ultimately, the Challenger Super Stock is looking to be a top performer in a straight line, but may yet be outdone on an actual road course with varying turns. It does, however, seem more versatile than its Demon counterpart, as it does not come equipped with components that are meant for track-only use.

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